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Sep 8, 2020

  • Version 1.0.8
  • Audio - Create Sampler Track (to Sampler) see menu CTRL LANES - AUDIO
  • Audio Reverse (Reverse) see menu CTRL LANES - AUDIO
  • Workspace interface graphics, some didn't have cleaned background colour.
  • All graphics have been reworked.
  • Workspace interface button names, some errors have been fixed and some functions have been renamed for more clarity and better visual aspect.
  • Incorrect function abbreviations.
  • 2 key command shortcuts were not triggering the desired action.
  • Next Tool and Previous Tool buttons have been changed with Previous Tool first andNext Tool just after.
  • Control Panel Tablet PC was a bit long to set up. A direct access to your Tablet PC Settings has been added. The previous touchscreen setting shortcut you had to create in ZenDAW version 1.0.7 is no longer needed. You still have got to calibrate your touchscreen monitor the first time. If you are a user of ZenDAW's previous versions, skip this step.

May 28, 2020

  • Version 1.07
  • Various bug fixes.