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Oct 6, 2020

  • Version 1.0.0
  • 2 Elegant Workspaces (WINGS and WINGS Alt) to best fit your personal workflow.
  • Clip Launcher
  • Convert to Instrument, Audio and Hybrid Tracks
  • Screen GUI Scaling
  • Project Selection
  • Audio Engine Activation
  • Menu Section Controls include: Audio, Export, Add Tracks, Edit, Clip and Track Editing, Quantize, Zoom, Navigation, Nudge Events, Transpose, Save, Solo and Mute, etc.
  • Full Transport Functions include: Play/Stop, Play/Stop From Start, Record, Clip Launcher Overdub, Follow Playback, Automation Write, Metronome Click, Arranger Loop, Computer Keyboard Note Input.
  • Additional Transport Functions include: Backward 8 Bars, Forward 8 Bars, Jump to Beginning of Arranger Loop, Jump to End of Arranger Loop, Jump to Beginning of Previous Bar, Jump to Beginning of Next Bar, Jump to Previous Cue Marker, Jump to Next Cue Marker.