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Sep 30, 2021

  • Fixed authorization errors on macOS 10.12.0 and lower
  • Fixed uninstaller not working on Mac OS X 10.9

Sep 14, 2021

  • Windows binaries & installers are now signed
  • Preferences are now common to all plug-ins from the same bundle
  • Updated authorization window
  • UI improvements for better contrast with dark backgrounds
  • Updated Mac installers and uninstallers
  • macOS 10.9 minimum is now required
  • User manual updated
  • Mac packages signature was invalid on MacOS El Capitan and lower
  • Restricted value input to numeric characters

May 4, 2021

  • Fixed synced parameters value recall from sessions and presets

Apr 20, 2021

  • Fixed channel issue on Green Screamer in stereo mode

Apr 8, 2021

  • Updated compatibility with macOS Big Sur (Intel and M1 under Rosetta 2)
  • Stomp Board standalone now allows mono I/O
  • Added separate installer for standalone
  • Fixed "update available" notification still showing after updating
  • Fixed Stomp Board sometimes didn't ask for audio permission on macOS Mojave and up
  • Fixed scroll direction on controls (macOS)
  • Fixed scroll on stepped controls

Nov 24, 2020

  • Updated for macOS Catalina
  • BPM synced effects now follow host BPM variations
  • Stomp Board standalone app now sums stereo inputs
  • Removed 32 bit support
  • Stomp Board standalone was not receiving audio input on macOS Mojave
  • BPM sync for TwoTimer delay
  • Fixed Stomp Board clicks and noise with no input
  • Uninstaller now correctly shows in Windows "Add/Remove programs"

Jul 27, 2018

  • Fixed Cubase 9 not recognizing some plugins